Roger`s Coffee

I first started roasting coffee after my friend mentioned he purchased green coffee beans in Prince Edward County.My first attempt at roasting was in the oven in the kitchen.The results of these burnt beans led me to purchase my first one pound roaster.

As my interest was growing in roasting and blending different beans I realized I needed a larger roaster which led me to my 2.5 pound fluid bed roaster.

This roaster has been well suited to continue my quest for the perfect coffee blend. I enjoy mixing coffees from different regions of the world, bringing the beans together to enhance the nuance of the beans character and achieving that perfect cup of coffee.

I take pleasure in sharing freshly roasted coffee beans with family and friends and our guests providing great coffee every time.

Roger`s Pottery

For many years I enjoyed being creative in wood working.After visiting a potter in her studio my creative interest was redirected to the world of pottery.Following two years of night courses I purchased a potters wheel,kiln and equipment to begin to work with clay.

Now my studio here is a ideal space on the second level and has a large window that allows natural lighting creating the perfect place to work with stone ware, porcelain and clay slip with techniques of hand building artistic wall design art, wheel throwing various size and style of bowls and containers and slip cast bowls, mugs, plates.